Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my BIG boys

cooper peyton
first born twin

corbin pierce
baby b

5 year stats... for the grandparents and so we don't forget :-)
Coop: 45 pounds, 3 feet 8 inches tall
Corb: 47 pounds, 3 feet 10 inches tall

These boys are the light of our life.
Miracles from God.
Conceived using modern medicine. god's perfect design. totally a mix of Adam and I.
they are smart, funny, sensitive, compassionate, silly, loving, handsome, rowdy, playful little guys. right now they are really into playing video games (lego batman, star wars, harry potter), corbin loves riding his bike, cooper his scooter. they really enjoy putting together legos, playing games on the computer or my iphone. corbin likes to color and draw. cooper loves any type of craft we can come up with. their getting so good with using their manners with lots of please, thanks yous and may i's. corbin is so great at throwing out random "i love you's" to all of us. and talks ALL THE TIME. questions non stop. :) cooper still likes to be cuddled and held. is quieter and a real thinker.
we love these boys to pieces!
thanks be to God for the gift of being their parents.
we appreciate the challenges and lessons that go with parenting. and love watching our babes growing up.
5 years went too fast.

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