Friday, July 15, 2011

July 4th weekend

we enjoyed the long weekend just hanging out at home. relaxing.
these crazy family members came to town.sister and brother in law

the kids played kinect and wii. girls scrapbooked.

guys did what guys do...

Diamond brought me a Cricut. i was so EXCITED! such a generous gift to give just because. i mean really?!
and she gave Corbin a hair cut. Uncle Ronnie let Cooper pretend to cut his hair. such a good sport.

no big fireworks this year. it's so hot and DRY here.
i never even heard any distant or nearby booms. i guess the ban on them worked in our area.

we did do some sparklers a week before the 4th.
on the back patio right before bed.
it was fun for the boys

first sparklers. they liked swinging them around making designs in the air.
sparklers are the perfect "firework" for little guys. and nothing caught on fire.

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