Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Monday morning we started VBS at church. i remembered to have adam take a few pics of us before we left.

this is the boys first time as VBS'ers. the theme is Shake it Up cafe. they are in the cheery cupcake class. corbin was very reluctant and cried when i tried to leave him. it was very loud and overwhelming in the sanctuary. loads of kids and loud music. cooper patted him on the arm. told him it would be okay; he would be there with him. one of their teachers found me later in the morning to tell me cooper was sticking close to corbin to keep him comforted. ahhhh i love when my boys are so compassionate to each other.

it's been a fun week. but exhausting.
i'm a shepherd for the 5th graders. there are 38 of them. mostly all boys.
they are fun, smart and sassy. so independent, very few questions. rowdy though.
next year i think i will drop the boys off and enjoy 3 hours of peace and quiet.

my mini roses are blooming again. love this plant. my sister bought it for me for my very first mother's day. 5 years ago. wow. love my husband's green thumb.

oh, and corbin really likes VBS. like really likes it! i knew he would.
cooper especially loves the music and dances.

cooper had a little too much fun during playground time. i think an older child was spinning him on a tire swing for a long time, very fast. he felt real bad for about 30 minutes then threw up in the car on the way home. a lot. then was good as new.
oh the joys. they are endless. ♥

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  1. Hi Amanda! Just wanted to tell you that I loved the comment you left on my blog today. I wrote back to you (in my comments) about why it was funny. :)

    Beautiful pic of you with your boys and I love those mini roses!


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